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Machines, products, technical novelties, services and trends from the machining technology as well as from all important upstream and downstream suppliers are shown for the southern part of Germany, the Vorarlberg and Switzerland.

The unique feature of the trade show is the high specialization on the needs of manufacturers of precision parts, with a focus on the intelligent automation of production processes. In addition to this is a regional and practice-oriented character, that means the visitor will find a good mix of manufacturers and distributors, so that visitors find solutions for their everyday work. And, starting in 2017 a 400 qm themed space for the industry of the future is a great place for discussion and showing Industry 4.0 application among the visitors and exhibitors.

modern industrie area

Industrie 4.0 in der Zukunftsfabrik

THEMEPARK “modern industrie area” AT TURNING DAYS

Be part of this trade show highlight and introduce your Industry 4.0 applications to precision parts manufacturers

The modern industrie area is a special show at the TURNING DAYS 2019 with two extremely interesting components. A production that illuminates the possibilities of digitisation and makes them tangible, and an attractive lecture programme that picks up on what you have seen and continues it. The event will be rounded off by free catering. Get an impression of the video of the special show of the past TURNING DAYS.

Together with several partners the company GEWATEC GmbH & Co. KG shows what automation makes possible. The corresponding lecture program, designed and led by verlag moderne industrie GmbH, is entitled "Optimal use of resources! So you can get more out of your production with little effort".

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The critical exchange with the exhibitors helps to continuously develop the trade fair and its concept. Alliances with important associations, such as the Baden-Württemberg Aerospace Forum, play an important role in expanding the aerospace sector.


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The Trade Fair Concept

TURNING DAYS offers turned parts manufacturers an information platform for all turned parts needs. From the exhibiting machine manufacturer and tool and material distributor through to recycling, a trade fair, together with its accompanying workshops, has emerged that is precisely aligned with the target group of the branch.

Visitors at TURNING DAYS in Friedrichshafen were able to get an excellent condensed overview of suppliers, as well as of the upstream and downstream process chains in machining technology. The main focus was on lathe and milling technology and included the entire spectrum of know-how, technology, products and services.

A meeting point for suppliers of turned parts manufacturers and subcontractors, among others, for parts cleaning, machine technology, process inspection, surface, material, C-techniques and peripheral branches. Endless possibilities for valuable contacts ...

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