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Logo Turning Days Fachmessen für Drehtechnologie

The modern industrie area at TURNING DAYS

Be part of this trade show highlight
and introduce your Industry 4.0 applications to precision parts manufacturers

Why should an employee at a precision parts manufacturing company visit a trade show? We have frequently asked ourselves this question in the past and talked it over with visitors and exhibitors. The answer is clear: “Whenever the show opens new horizons and offers visitors the opportunity to both look beyond regular production methods and discover and take home new ideas for the improvement of processes.”

The modern industrie area at TURNING DAYS

The production of precision parts is becoming a more highly digital and networked process. What may sound like a vision of the future to some manufacturers has long been a reality in many larger manufacturing facilities. The objective is to make series production increasingly individual and rational, or to make problems in manufacturing more predictable. These advantages can however also pose new challenges

This is precisely the area that TURNING DAYS 2017 will address: the conflict between new technologies and the risks they involve – in a large, open and transparent themed space where exhibitors and visitors can approach the topic from all sides, participating in talks, workshops, discussion panels and live demos.

Your advantages

new customers

New customers

Having a trade show presence enclosed within a trade show – without dividing walls – gives you the chance to communicate with potential customers who might never have otherwise visited your booth – in a relaxed atmosphere where customers feel at ease.

knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer

There will be an open forum at the center of the modern industrie area where science and technology experts will give brief presentations (15 minutes at the most) and answer questions on Industry 4.0. You too can participate with your own presentation.

at the center of the action

At the center of the action

You will be where knowledge is communicated – the market place of the trade show – the space where visitors to the trade show go to find out more and talk about new technologies, giving you the opportunity to invite customers to your own booth. In other words: an Industry 4.0 trade show.

The modern industrie area forum will focus on these issues:

  • What advantages does a mass producer gain from networking and the integration of sensors?
  • When does it make the most sense to apply Industry 4.0 concepts to machines, clamping devices, tools, measuring, inspection, storage, automation and simulation?
  • What are the risks in terms of data security?
  • The two faces of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: productivity versus rationalization at the cost of the labor force?
  • Does using a digital twin increase productivity?

Only a limited number of exhibitors directly or indirectly involved with Industry 4.0 can present their concepts in the modern-industrie-area themed space. The presentation/lecture program will be arranged under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mike Barth, who will also select the trade show’s themes.

The Trade Fair Concept

TURNING DAYS offers turned parts manufacturers an information platform for all turned parts needs. From the exhibiting machine manufacturer and tool and material distributor through to recycling, a trade fair, together with its accompanying workshops, has emerged that is precisely aligned with the target group of the branch.

Visitors at TURNING DAYS in Friedrichshafen were able to get an excellent condensed overview of suppliers, as well as of the upstream and downstream process chains in machining technology. The main focus was on lathe and milling technology and included the entire spectrum of know-how, technology, products and services.

A meeting point for suppliers of turned parts manufacturers and subcontractors, among others, for parts cleaning, machine technology, process inspection, surface, material, C-techniques and peripheral branches. Endless possibilities for valuable contacts ...

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